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Front Runner as application of radiation technology

RadTek Co., LTD. has been established for providing high quality radiation image system since 2001. Highly qualified main members are a graduate of nuclear engineering of KAIST(Korea Advanced of Science and Technology).
We now serve radiation image detector module and system to customers in many field including the biotechnology, medical, quality control and security system.
Also we supply the total solution for the shielding design and construction, approval and permission of which related applying technology in domestic nuclear and radiation facility.
Our philosophy is to provide a high quality product based on a fount of technology such as semiconductor sensor, front-end electronics and DAQ (Data Acquisition System) that meets the customers needs at a competitive price. We develop and produce X-ray inspection systems including software solutions for the future-oriented digital x-ray inspection system.

With excellent know-how and application technology on the field of Digital Radiography system, we offer the best service to customers.